Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pictures to Catch Up!

Here are some pictures to tell the story of what we have been up too! Hope you enjoy.

Landon and his good friend Savanna from preschool.

Bike Day at preschool. What a blast!

Mommy and Landon on the train at the zoo.

Mommy and Landon at Shalla's birthday party.

Daddy and Landon. We took a picture before his picture day at preschool.


Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive!! Thanks for the pictures! What a handsome young man! Love you, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Yay, pictures! I love the picture of bike day! Landon looked like he was having so much fun! I'm glad ya'll are having a great summer!

Love you!

Rachael said...

So glad to finally see some pictures of Landon. He has grown up so much--what a handsome guy!!!

fragilemom said...

Love the pics!

Kristen said...

Great pics. Look's like ya'll have been having fun!