Monday, April 06, 2009

Silver Dollar City

Wow, do Monday's come too fast or what?  I love to get back to my weekday routine but sometimes the weekends are too much fun.   This past weekend we got to take Landon to Silver Dollar City for the first time.  We have only lived in the area for about two years and hadn't been yet.  I remember going as a kid, but it has sure changed.  You still can't beat the famous ride called  Fire in the Hole.  :-)  Landon was a little scared at first and after riding the roller coaster still didn't know what to say or do.  I couldn't believe how fast a kids ride can go!  Here are just a few pictures.     

Landon and Nate in the second car

After it was over


the other lion said...

I wanna go!! They look so cute. =)

Eliza said...

fire in the hole!!!!!
Awesome time
Perfect weather too!

fragilemom said...

OMG! I can't even imagine Ian on a rollercoaster! If he's anything like me, it'd be major barf-a-rama after! Way to go!

Brian and Erika Opperman said...

How much fun! I used to LOVE SDC.


Jenny Cowart said...

Landon, please tell mom that we want to see some new pictures of you!! :)