Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break and Prayer

Hello! Spring break is here for this household. As I picked Landon up for preschool on Thursday afternoon, I realized we started a ten day break from school. Wow, that is a very long time. I have gotten VERY spoiled in having my mornings to myself. I will have to say after three years, I deserve that now. Anyways, we are excited to see both sets of grandparents as well as Nate's brother's family. Nate will do some camp planning while we are in the great city of Hannibal.

I ask all of you that read this blog to start praying for one of my old college roommates Naomi and her family. You can read more by clicking on her name. Naomi has a great, strong, family. I knew Naomi's Mom and Dad in college and they are some sweet, sweet people. It has been a roller coaster for this family. Travis and Naomi adopted three girls from Liberia. As you see below, they are a fine looking bunch.


Rachael said...

prayers are on the way... (smile)