Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today is day number three of being stuck inside. Although, we did make it out for a little bit yesterday. The main roads are pretty clear now so that is great news!

Jump Mania was calling Landon's name yesterday. We ventured out and had a great time. Landon has gotten to the place where he can do all of the inflatable slides and jump houses all by himself. It is actually pretty relaxing to just watch now. I was afraid of it being really crowded and knew over stimulation would take place, but to my surprise, it wasn't too crowded.

Last weekend one of Landon's friends turned three. We had a great birthday party to attend and didn't get too many pictures but I will show a few below. Declan was a premie. He was born at 25 weeks and barely weighed two pounds. He is a walking miracle. He does have some delays but is catching up quickly. Don't you love the blond, curly hair?

I am off to the gym to burn off all my snack food intake over the last three days. I know my body is going to pay for it in just a short little while. You gotta love Doritos though.


Anonymous said...

Landon, I am so glad you had fun at Jump Mania! Andrew and I want to go with you there when we come up in a couple months! I can't wait to see you! Love you, Jenny

Eliza said...

I love love love Landon's smile...perks my day right up! "I can't wait to come down and visit Nandon and Jump jump with him!" says Noah!