Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice and Snack Food

It is Tuesday evening and we are iced in. Springfield probably has over an inch of ice by now. Schools were canceled for today and they have already been canceled for tomorrow. I LOVE staying home, but on days you want to get out, it gets very annoying that you can't. We called Jump Mania to see if they were open and of course they were closed. So then we decided to be okay with over-stimulation and see if Chuck E Cheese was open. Again, another place that was not open. So, we have been snuggled up and in our comfy clothes for the day. I did get a shower, so all is well. :-)

Nate has had strep throat so I am praying Landon and I stay free from that sickness. Not fun. He has been shut in the back bedroom for two days now and I finally started letting him come out to see us. :-) Plus, I was going crazy entertaining Landon by myself.

American Idol is on tonight. All is good. We have our snack food ready. We use the excuse to eat it because we are iced in. The gym will be calling our names tomorrow, that's for sure.

Oh, and for all those Jon and Kate Plus Eight watchers, wasn't their new house awesome? I am so happy for them! The space that they have is unreal!


the other lion said...

I feel ya. It's nice to be forced to stay home and be lazy, but it's annoying to be FORCED to do anything. =) Those three days off school almost broke me!

Jon and Kate's house is amazing! I'm so happy for them. I love that show.

Rachael said...

Wow!!!! Ice!!!! I thought our 2 feet of snow overnight was bad!

Brian and Erika Opperman said...

I love "snow day" food! How fun. I am so jealous that you have "Jon and Kate"! I miss that show so much. I'm gonna have to watch it online! I'm so behind I didn't know they were moving.

Anonymous said...

Jon and Kate's house is great. I think three "normal-sized" families could live there. I hope you all stay well. We are potty training at our house - we'll see how it goes.

Rachael said...

Yes, I am on facebook, so look me up!