Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Last of the Summer

Summer is finally coming to an end. In the student ministry world, it is the busiest time of the year. We just got done with student camp and then headed to St. Louis for a conference. We are home now for a while. Landon got to see both sets of grandparents. I still can't believe he is 2 1/2.

Student Camp was amazing! My parents were so sweet to watch Landon for us so I could be a part this year. It was held at Hannibal LaGrange College where Nate and I met. We even stayed (Nate and I) in my old college dorm room together! That was a little weird! We had some good worship led by the Andy Rhea band and a great speaker by the name of Mike Curry. He is known for his "silver mullet."

On the way home from our St. Louis trip, Nate and Landon got a little bored in the back seat. I always drive because I can't stand not too. Maybe it's a control thing...who knows. They had fun doing a photo shoot with themselves and Curious George.

Amy Calton and I at camp.

Megan and I at camp. AKA...Landon's babysitter.

Garrell and Nate at camp.

The photo shoot begins!

I love George!

Look how long my legs are!


Anonymous said...

Landon, I love your sweet smile! I miss you buddy, hope to see you soon. Love, Miss Kathy

Eliza said...

Landon, I am telling you, you get cuter and cuter every day! Your cousins need to come and see you SOON! And your aunt and uncle!

Anonymous said...

Boys aren't allowed in your dorm room are they? Ha.
Just Kidding :)
Landon is getting so big. He is such a cutie. Tell him I have a girl just for him :)

Vaughn and Kay Bradley said...

Hi Landon ... you have such a contagious smile! Love those little feet ...oh, the places they will take you. love you, msK

Anonymous said...

I love the photo shoot. I think Daddy had just as much fun as Landon & Curious George. So fun, miss you guys & love you. Nancy

G-Fam said...

Cute! Glad to hear it went well!