Friday, July 11, 2008

Anniversary and St. Louis

I can't believe Nate and I have been married 8 years. Really, where does the time go? We waited about 5 1/2 years before having Landon. Recently, I asked Nate what we did with our time before having Landon. He reminded me that I worked full-time, never cooked, went shopping A LOT, spent way too much money, and was always on the go with something. My, how the times really change. Landon is two years old now and I love staying home with him during the day. I wouldn't change this time for anything. I still don't cook though. I try too, but it's not something I really enjoy. At least I am honest. I don't spend a lot of money anymore and I don't really shop a lot anymore simply because it's really not worth taking a toddler that just wants out of the stroller. Parks, Chick-fil-A, and friend's houses are our new entertainment.

For our 8th anniversary we celebrated at Haruno's here in Springfield. It was yummy!

A couple of days after our anniversary, Landon and I headed to St. Louis to visit my family while Nate was leading a mission trip to Peru. We had a great time seeing old friends and celebrating the 4th of July. Nate is home safe and sound now. Thank goodness. It was an exciting trip, that's for sure.

Nate and I.

Nate and his dinner.

The restaurant!

Grandma and Landon at lunch.

Bonnie and I at dinner. (Best friend of almost 20 years!)


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Busy Mommy said...

bummer...looks like you are getting some junk comments. There is some way to fix the set up somewhere, I think.

Happy anniversary late! It is funny, I think we should have gotten married in the winter, with the business that we have now! You are right...wouldn't change this time for anything! And shopping? What's that? I hate feeling like I am in a hurry b/c who knows when Noah is going to want to climb out of the stroller! I love you guys, and you look great....even better than when you first got married!

I love you and tell Landon Aunt Eliza says hello! Noah wants to see "his Nandon" now...he just saw the pictures! ha

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary! I was just thinking about you guys today.

Anonymous said...

Wow how time flies. That means I have known you for 8 years. I remember when Nate sent you flowers the first day of work.
He's a keeper. :)
I miss shopping with you.
I'm making it through my first week of work!
Miss you, Jaymie

kate said...

heyyyy kari! it's so good to keep up with whats going on in your lives! hope all is well!

G-Fam said...

Yay!! That was fun!!! I even got to see you with long hair!!! Wow--you're gorgeous! So happy to have met you. I just got home. I am so happy to see my kids and hubby again!

Anonymous said...

Landon, will you please tell your mommy and daddy that it has been WAY too long since they have posted! I want to see some pics of you :).

Love you!

fragilemom said...

Happy anniversary! You and I sound a lot alike. I cook sometimes, but don't care for it. Jim is a much better cook than me. But I don't know which is worse, cooking or cleaning up after he cooks! Shopping....not with the kiddos. I've never been a very good shopper anyway....too indecisive!