Friday, August 08, 2008

Early Morning Talk

As I am writing this, it is 6:30 in the morning. What am I doing up this early? Well, I drank too much caffeine yesterday, so that always makes me get up really early the next day. Weird, I know.

Landon does speech therapy once a week. He has his usual list of books that he wants Mrs. Donna to read to him, he always wants her bubbles, he is fasinated by the train she brings everytime, and loves digging in her bag for more toys. There is never a dull moment when she is here. He could care less about me when she is around. As soon as the doorbell rings, he runs to the door and basically attacks her! Not really, but it sounds good. Oh, and it never fails that he smells up the room when she is here. It's that time of the day if you know what I mean. Two weeks ago she tells me that she has a new job, BUT she is keeping Landon until he turns 3 if we can be flexible on the times she can come. Of course I can be flexible!! Landon has been with her since 18 months and I really don't want to get someone new. I am so thankful she loves Landon enough to keep him.

Mrs. Donna and Landon

The last couple of days Landon wants to wear this tiger backpack around the house during the day. I have no idea why, but he is fascinated with it. We have only had the thing forever, but I guess he has a new discovery for it. So, you might be seeing a lot of pictures with him and the backpack in the upcoming days.


Vaughn and Kay Bradley said...

Ms Donna looks like a wonderful lady ... how neat that she can be with Landon thru the years. Landon, you are such a cute young man! Love those smiles and LuLu loves your backpack! She has a "Tigger" backpack! Enjoy the rest of summer! Love you guys, msK

Eliza said...

I love the backpack, and sooo glad Landon loves Ms. Donna! I already like her bunches. Noah had a thing for that Elmo backpack, but now likes to wear that monkey "leash" type thing! Aren't our boys great!?

Jenny Cowart said...

I love Landon's backpack! I wish I could be there to see him wear it! Love you guys

G-Fam said...

Cute, I love the therapists that help our kids--there is so much deication and love there. Glad to see Landon is having fun!
--Rachael Gibson

Anonymous said...

I like the new format! Its really cute!


Eliza said...

oh my! I am loving the new look!!! Where did you get it?