Monday, April 07, 2008

Two Year Check-Up

Last week we had Landon's two year check-up. I was so thankful he didn't have to have any shots. It seems like the first year and a half of his life they were always sticking him for something. We weighed in at 32 pounds and the boy is 38 inches. That is 3 foot 2 inches people! He was way off the charts on height. WOW!

Here are just a few random facts from the past week:

*I cut my hair off. Seven inches to be exact.

*Today we enjoyed a walk/run with our friends Cami and Trevor. It was a beautiful day here today! The high was 73 degrees.

*My sister-in-law had her baby boy, Titus.

*Nate and I are leaving in two weeks for Destin, Florida.

Here are a few random pictures! Enjoy!

Landon enjoying something on T.V.

My new haircut that my mother will probably not like. :-)

Look how tall that boy is!


Anonymous said...

Love the new haircut! You look more like a teenager! Landon, you are getting so tall! Love that precious smile! Enjoy the new pictures ... keep them coming! MsK

Anonymous said...

Hi, there, big boy. What are you doing getting into that drawer. You look awfully cute!

Kari, I do like your hair.


Ga'ma (Mom)

Anonymous said...

I love the new hair Kari- but you are one of the lucky ones who can wear it short or long. It makes you look sassier :)
Landon is growing so much!
We weighed Kaitlin this weekend and she is only 24 lbs. So she's only gained about 16 lbs in 2 years. Brendan weighs 47.5 lbs so at least he's gaining. I will call you after I have the babe you might be sitting on the beach by then. I miss the beach so much!! Enjoy it for me.
:), Jaymie

Jenny said...

Wow! I cannot believe how tall Landon is! He looks so grown up and adorable. That first picture of him laughing is precious. I love your hair...the style looks great on you! Love you guys

Anonymous said...

Landon is so lucky to have such a beautiful mommie. I love the hair cut, long or short you are so cute. Landon looks like he is having fun getting into things and what a precious smile he has. Love you, Nancy

Jenny said...

Landon...I think your mom and dad need to come back from the beach and put up new pictures of you!! I can't wait to see you in a month!

Anonymous said...

Landon, would you please tell your mommy and daddy to put up new
pictures! I love you buddy! Miss Kathy