Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

Landon doing the Easter egg hunt inside because it was too cold outside!

Finding the eggs.

Family pic on Easter Sunday.

Grandma, Papa, and Landon

Landon reading his new Duckie book.

Still reading!

Easter basket.


Jenny said...

I love Landon's Easter clothes! (not outfit, because boys don't wear outfits...right Nate!)ha! Your family picture is adorable. You all look great. It looks like Landon had a great Easter! Love you guys

Busy Mommy said...

I love the family picture! Landon you got it good on Easter, didn't you!? Must have been such a good boy this year!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that egg hunt fun, buddy? Miss you already. See you soon.

Ga'Ma and Papa

Anonymous said...

love those new clothes. You will have them outgrown in no time at all! Hope you had some of the peeps! pink? Daddy, what were you thinking of? Love you guys, MsK

Anonymous said...

Landon you scored this Easter.
Kaitlin got some Elmo stuff too.
Her favorite Easter basket stuffer was a box of Barbie Cereal. It looks like you got some great snacks too. You are getting so big. Your hair is going to turn so blonde this summer. Everytime I see pics of you it gets lighter.
I will have to show Kaitlin. She likes blondes ;)

Christy said...

Drew got that same Easter basket. He's an Elmo freak! Love the haircut!!