Friday, March 21, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

These past couple of weeks have been crazy busy. I just don't know where the time has gone! It has been a fun couple of weeks. We have had a couple of nice, warm days to play outside. Landon is now unlocking doors and just letting himself outside as he pleases. Nate has installed door flaps this week, so that I wouldn't catch Landon outside playing in the garage. His other new thing is crawling up on the desk which sits pretty high, and typing on the computer like Mommy does. When it's really quiet in the house and I am not sure where Landon has ventured too, it's now the first place I check. He is something else. We have entered into being two years old! We have had a couple of fun nights out with some friends as well! It's always good to get away and be you you will see in the pictures.

Nate and Brent making balloon puppets at Texas Roadhouse. Brent is going to be the "clown" at his daughter's 3 year old carnival birthday party in a couple of weeks. He needs the practice.

The clown teaching Shallina how to make a balloon puppet.

Shallina and I.

Landon typing away to his Grandma.


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of Landon on the computer desk in adorable! He is so cute. I cant believe he is unlocking the doors!

Phillips said...

I love seeing Landon up on the desk typing. One day I was on the computer and right behind me Ty climbed up on my dresser, later he even ventured to jump off of it. That's what you can look forward to at 3!!!!
BTW: I saw that jon and kate +8 episode too, it reminded me of emma's visit.
I wish we could be at Destin too!!!Every year I go into a little bit of depression in mid April, knowing y'all are there. But I'm glad y'all get to enjoy it.

Busy Mommy said...

I love Landon on the desk! Noah hasn't tried that yet, so I am now looking out for it! Noah says hi to Nandon!

Anonymous said...


Keep those emails coming. I miss your big hugs.

Love you -



Anonymous said...

Landon ... you have grown so much ... love the family picture. Guess I should of taught Nate more how to do the balloon animals and he could of been the clown! Love you all, MsK