Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Fabulous Four

Since we have lived in our new hometown, we have been blessed with some great friends. We have enjoyed building relationships and are loving sharing life with them. My dear friend Cami planned an evening for some of us. We went to her parents house and enjoyed letting our kids run around a 7,000 square foot house. I think by the end of the night they might have seen every room. We had some yummy salad with Cami's awesome homemade dressing that had tons of garlic in it. I should really post the recipe but I am too lazy to go to my cabinet and get it. We finished off with some pizza. As we ate and ate, the guys finally retired to the basement for some very competitive games of ping pong. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of them, but the toddlers were keeping us chasing after them. I know we will have many more of these to come.

Cami chopping garlic with her special knife.

Our new friends Christopher and Amber.

All the kiddos.

Amber, Cami, me, Jackie, (Cami's student) and Shallina.


Anonymous said...

Wow Landon! Sure glad your Mommy did not lose you in that nice big house. You have lots of nice friends there in Springfield. Remember, you have friends in KC too! Love you, MsK

Anonymous said...

What alot of fun you must have with all your friends. Ms K and I need to come play with you soon. Miss you buddy. Give you mommy and daddy lots of kisses and hugs for us. Love you, Nancy & Jim