Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Madness

Sunday mornings are such a crazy time at our house. Anyone that has kids and a husband on staff at a church can relate to this. I only have one and I really don't know how Moms of more than one do it. I have a friend that has four boys and her husband is also a student minister and she is always on time! She never looks stressed or anything. Keep in mind, she gets all of them ready, plus herself. I have to keep her in my mind on Sundays. I also have to remember good ole' Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I never seem to get up early enough to be able to get to the student service by 9:00. I teach 12th grade girls so I have to be on time, otherwise they are giving me a hard time. In good fun of course. Last Sunday was one of those mornings. Landon woke up at 6:45 a.m. that day and was crabby. His two year molars are making him that way. His gums are inflamed and red. It's such a painful sight. Here are a few pictures of Landon last Sunday morning. He wouldn't even smile for me. Did I mention he was cranky? His cute outfit makes up for it. In twelve more days, our toddler will be two years old. I just can't believe it.

What's up Mom?

Mom, I am so tired.

Mom, can I tell you a secret?


Anonymous said...

Landon, I can't believe you were cranky, I think your mom is confused. I am SO,SO, sad I am not gonna be able to see you this week. I think my heart is broken. I love you buddy! Miss Kathy

Anonymous said...

Landon, I love your outfit! You were stylin'. I love you so much. Hopefully I can come visit you in a couple months and we can play together! Love you, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Landon, you don't look cranky just really cool. Hope Mommy found some relief for your teeth! No fun having them comin' in. Can't believe you're going to be in the terrific two's! Have fun ... love you, MsK

Anonymous said...

Landon, I hope today is SO much fun for you! I love you! Miss Kathy