Friday, December 28, 2007

My Second Christmas

This was my second Christmas and I'm starting to get the hang of it! Mommy, Daddy and I opened our presents early (Decmeber 22nd) and had a lot of fun! Apparently, this is the latest that Mommy and Daddy have waited to open presents. I guess I am a good influence on them!

Here is Mommy and me! Isn't she just so beautiful?

Daddy gives the best hugs!

All in all, I got some pretty fun toys! Probably my favorite toy is my Radio Flyer wagon. Daddy has already taken me on a couple of rides around the basement. When he stops, I ask for more.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I sure did!


Anonymous said...


I will give you a ride in your wagon any time! You are so cute! Can't wait to see you. Love, Miss Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Landon! You look so handsome in your red sweater. Did you watch the Christmas Story with Daddy? Love the wagon! Hope to see you next year. Love you, Ms k

Jim & Nancy said...

Hi Landon! You are a good influence on your mommy and daddy. They always open their presents way too early. I know you love your wagon, that was always Adam's favorite gift.
Can't wait to see you again. Love you lots, Nancy & Jim

Jenny said...

Wow Landon, what an awesome wagon! Maybe I can come up and see you and I can take you for a ride in your wagon! I love you and I am so glad you had a great second Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Landon, Please ask your mom and dad to put up some new pictures. I am having Landon withdrawals. Love, Miss Kathy