Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween is over.

Just in case you didn't know, Halloween is over! So, we thought that you would want to see his costume! You will also see mommy's hands, daddy's hand, foot, and right cheek, as well as Brian and Erika (you might remember last year's Halloween post featured a pic of me with them too!).

Here is a picture of mommy keeping me standing still while showing off my cute costume! I am a dragon. A really cute dragon.

Here I am sporting my candy bag and my cell phone (all of the cool kids have one).

This is a pic of daddy and I walking up to a house to get some candy! Ok, so daddy will not give me any candy but I did get to look at it!

And..... as I promised...Brian, Erika, and me! I love Mr. Brian!


Busy Mommy said...

OH MY GOODNESS TOO CUTE! I love that costume! YEAH! I got to see a picture! Actually, gma and gpa showed us one last night, but oh my sooo cute is my nephew!

Julie said...

Landon: You, my friend, are adorable! Absolutely positively you are. I have never seen such a fierce yet lovable dragon in all my life. Ever, really. And though you do love Brian, I think the look you're giving Erika is the look that makes the picture.

Thanks for coming by the office yesterday.

Jenny said...

OH Landon! I love your costume. You look so adorable, but fierce! :) ha. I am glad you had your cell phone with you. I'm sure that helped you have a better evening! I love you and miss you so much!

Amanda said...

His little feet are my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

The halloween post is my favorite post of the year...not that I am biased or anything. I agree with Julie, Brian may be holding him but he's looking at me! You were the cutest dragon ever. We love you Landon!


Jim & Nancy said...

Landon - you are the cutest dragon I have ever seen. Mr. Brian better watch out.....you have caught Erika's heart. Jim had a wonderful time visiting your mom and dad. Nancy is just disappointed she couldn't be there too. Love you guys, Jim & Nancy

Anonymous said...

Landon, you have such a delightful smile and really cute "buns" in the dragon! Watch out people...there may be a dragon on the loose! Hope to see you before you graduate college! love & hugs! ms k

kristin dutt said...


you are the cutest little dragon! i hope you got lots of good candy..not that your mommy and daddy will let you eat any of it, though!

miss you!

~aunt kristin.

ps. i'm really honored to have made the blog!

Jenny said...

Yes, Halloween is definitely over, as is Thanksgiving!! It is time for some pictures of Landon! :)

Busy Mommy said...

Update! Update! I am screaming for an update! How was Thanksgiving! We missed you!