Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not the "Halloween Blog" yet!

Since this is not the "Halloween Blog" that you were expecting when you typed in Landon's blog, I will give you some assuarnce that we will update again in the next couple of days just so we can brag like everyone else about how great Landon did trick-or-treating, and how adorable he was in his _____ costume. You didn't think I'd give it away that easy did you?

So, what I've got for all you LA fan is a taste of his weekend in Memphis (and his visitors just before we left)!

First, "aunt" Kristin, Roddy, Kit kat, and Shane all came for a quick visit over her fall break! Here you can see how she has pulled most of the hair out of the top of her head in just a few minutes of playing with LA. Or, maybe we just took a bad picture of her and cut off the top of her head. I vote the first one!

Second, we went to Memphis, TN. Daddy was speaking at Bellevue Baptist Church to some of the students and while we visited our friends the Cowarts, we saw some sites!

Here we are in front of the duck pond as some historic hotel. Yes, there are actual ducks in the fountain year round and LA was more interested in chasing them than getting his picture taken.

I mean I can understand, sure, how often do you get to chase a duck?

Third, while we were seeing the sites of downtown Memphis and eating great BBQ, LA took the opportunity to get fresh with miss Jenny. He is truly a man-child. Such cunning good looks and sweetness that will make any girls heart melt.

Out of respect for his name sake (Andrew Triplett) miss Jenny's main squeeze, I'll tell you what really happened. Landon was getting tired and when he is tired he gets extra lovable! So, while daddy was pushing the stroller, LA just reached up and grabbed miss Jenny's hand. He didn't let go for a very long time. What a sweetie!

Mommy, Daddy, and LA had a great time in Memphis.

We also found out that Arkansas is a very friendly place to visit! What fun!

Until next time when we reveal LA's costume.....


Jenny said...

I love it! That was so funny! I miss Landon so much. I am going to have to come visit ya'll soon so Landon and I can play some more! :) I can't wait to see what his costume is...
Love ya'll

Phillips said...

I can't believe it. Y'all were so close to us. We live in Southaven, MS which is just on the border of Memphis!!!! Well we missed seeing y'all, but I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Anxiously waiting to see that adorable costume. "Youins" are so creative! (That's a southern St. Louis word for ya'll or y'all) Sorry, just had to add that in.
Miss the Bock Bunch so badly! Love you all! kayB

Busy Mommy said...

Can't wait for the costume! Kari, I love Landon's hair! You are going to have to show me how to do the spikey thing and keep it that way!

Jim & Nancy said...

Ok,it is November and I don't see a picture of Landon's costume. Did he have fun trick or treating? Did you have any special visitors? I can't believe we have not seen Landon in any of his Halloween costumes. We miss you so much! Love, Nancy