Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Shoes and Old Friends

Ok, so I don't really mean "old" friends in the sense of their age...instead I mean "old" in regards to the length of time I've known them. Jim and Nancy came to see me, and we had much fun as well as some good Mexican food (ok, I ate a pb & j sandwich and milk, but it looked good)!

Over Thanksgiving, we traveled to KC to go to my cousin's first birthday party. Giada had a great party with lots of presents and people. She is a pretty little princess! Daddy was trying to make her laugh, but he is not that funny.

While we were in KC, Mommy and Daddy noticed my shoes were too little. I had Nike Shox that were size 7 medium. When my feet are actually size 8 wide! No wonder that my feet were turning red everytime I put on my Shox. Now I have some cool New Balance 900's (with Velcro)!

Now my feet don't hurt, and I'm extra fast! I'm a happy boy!
I'll talk more soon! Love ya!



Jim & Nancy said...

Landon - we had such a good time seeing you, and Mom & Dad. You are so much fun to play with. We will come back soon to play again. We love you, Jim & Nancy

Anonymous said...

Wow! So good to see an update! Landon, you have grown soooo much! Want to hold and hug ya! Love those new shoes and especially the new hair style! So very cute. Nice to have "ole" friends drop by to see you. I'm so way jealous! love & hugs, ms K

Jenny said...

Ok, so I am jealous that Nancy and Jim got to see Landon AND that Landon got to see Jim and Nancy!! :) Those pictures are so cute. Landon looks so grown up, I loved his little sweatsuit outfit and his new shoes! He will never be behind on fashion!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Landon you are looking like such a big boy. I can't wait to play on Friday:)


Anonymous said...

What a cute little bugglett!! There is no doubt he is a doll. Okay, Phil and I will try not to get our feelings hurt that we didn't get a little billing in Memphis...but we'll get over it. It was great to see you and spend time with Landon on the floor.