Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My fun morning!

Today, Daddy and I got up together and made Mommy breakfast! Ok, we really didn't make her breakfast, but we ate our own breakfast and then went downstairs to play and watch SportsCenter while mommy slept in.

While we were playing downstairs, I decided to climb up to the top of my picnic table and throw stuff off of it! Let me tell you, I got some pretty good air from some stuff. But the thing Daddy was most impressed with was the fact that I actually broke one of my wooden blocks. I broke a chunk of the wood right off!

Daddy set up a tent for me in the basement and it has a really cool tunnel for me to crawl through. I like to chase Daddy through the tunnel.

Wait a minute, before you get the image of Daddy trying to crawl through a tiny tunnel in your mind, let me clarify. Daddy doesn't actually go through the tunnel (he can't fit) I go through the tunnel to get Daddy. He just puts his head in the tunnel and taunts me until I crawl through and teach him a lesson or two about taunting a 19-month-old.

Daddy and I were having so much fun playing and watching SportsCenter that I pooped my pants. I don't know how much fun you have to have in order to poop your pants, but you better hope you don't have that much fun anytime soon!

So, we went upstairs to wake Mommy up because Daddy had to go to work!


Jenny said...

I admit, at first I was laughing pretty hard at the thought of Nate climbing through that tunnel! :) Landon is adorable, I can't wait for ya'll to get here so we can play!

kristin dutt said...


i am very very sad that i wont get to see you next week! i'm sorry that we're switching states and that its not gonna work out..
still remember me, ok??

i love you guys. i miss you!

~aunt kristin

Anonymous said...

Landon is really starting to look so much older. I hope this finds you all doing well.