Thursday, October 04, 2007

The good old days!

Have you ever thought about the good old days? I mean really thought about times past and what you wish you could re-live? I think that somewhere in the human experience there should be a reset button, even if it were like the 8 second reply button on my TiVo remote (you can re-live the last 8 seconds again).

Obviously, I would want more than 8 seconds! I'd love to re-live the day Kari and I met. I'd love to re-live the day I proposed to her! I'd love to re-live the day we found out that Landon was coming! I'd love to re-live the day he took his first steps too!

I think the greatest possibility to re-living these days (for me) is to not do anything differently, but to just savor the moments that I so fondly remember and cherish. It seems that we get way too caught up in life and forget to savor it!

I hope that today you will savor some special moments with your spouse, your children, and your Lord. I know I am!


Busy Mommy said...

Beautiful and amazing, Nate just beautiful.

Kathy Dutt said...

Amen! Just returned from spending the weekend in TN and oh how I would love to relive some moments. They grow up TOO fast. Give Landon a big hug for me. Love, Kathy

Jenny said...

Such a cute picture! I can't wait till ya'll come see us!!