Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Love Elmo.

Why is it that so many children love Elmo from Sesame Street? Landon loves Elmo! When he sees Elmo anywhere, he goes crazy! I was going to have him be Elmo for Halloween but I found a cuter costume of something else. I will save Elmo for next year. :-) Here are a few pictures of Landon enjoying Elmo.

Landon chillin' in the Elmo chair.

Landon with his Elmo slippers.

Elmo isn't in this picture, but he loves his Papa. :-)


Busy Mommy said...

So I am lovin' the spiked hair, Landon! Noah is an Elmo fan too!

Anonymous said...

Cherish those happy time with Grandparents! Looks like Landon sure does!