Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Walk to Remember

Hello! Landon is loving the outside these days. We got new landscaping so he is loving it when I go outside and water all the bushes and flowers. Here are a few pics of him outside.

We have been having so much fun lately. His latest thing is bringing books to me and climbing in my lap for story time. He loves everything about it! He is learning animal sounds. He hasn't tried saying them yet, but will with time.


Anonymous said...

I love that first picture of Landon walking from behind. How precious that is. I sure miss you guys. Love, Nancy

Kathy Dutt said...

That's it!!! I have to see you Landon, ASAP! I am so sorry your ears were hurting. I love you, Miss Kathy

kristin dutt said... mom is crazy. dont listen to her. she loves you..but not enough to come see you!

ps--kari. i dont have any pictures of myself. i lost my camera. its broken. my email too. i just dont think thats gonna work out...

love you guys!
~Aunt Kristin

Anonymous said...

Landon! I get to see you on Wednesday! I cant wait to see you; you better have lots of kisses for me. I love you!!


Anonymous said...

You are beginning to be such a big, handsome little boy! Looking so forward to seeing you guys again.

Anonymous said...

Landon, I am so glad I was able to see you this week! You are such a big boy. I can't wait till you guys come and visit us. We will have so much fun! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Look at you Landon. Kaitlin would be so proud :)
Tell mom I want to see pics of the landscaping too!

:), Jaymie