Saturday, July 21, 2007

All About My Big Boy

Nate and Landon before the Springfield Cardinals game.

Landon and I on the carousel at Chesterfield Mall.

Landon with Papa on the big Kubota tractor.

Well, the family is finally back together. Nate was gone for a while to Peru. It is good to be home.

Landon has had so many things to talk about lately. The first picture is of him getting to go to the Springfield Cardinals game. First of all, let me just say that he was a good boy during the game. We were so proud of him. He was in his "red" to cheer them on. They ended up winning and we clapped a lot during that game.

The second picture is of us on the carousel at Chesterfield Mall. He had never been on one, so we thought he would enjoy it. As you can see the smile on his face, he enjoyed it. I think we might need to visit it again soon. :-)

The last picture is of him and Papa on the big, orange tractor. He loved to steer the wheel and pretend like he was driving. He also wanted to get down and try out all the pedals of course! Thank goodness Papa didn't let him.

Landon also had his first visit to the dentist this week. He is teething his molars pretty hard and we were a bit concerned because his gums had started to bleed. As the dentist looked in his little mouth, he stated that in the 14 years he has been a pediatric dentist, he has never seen a young toddler teeth as bad as he was teething. I thought to myself, "you aren't telling me anything I don't already know!" Anyways, Landon's gums are looking better everyday and we only have two more molars to go and then we are done until the second year molars! So, I guess he has 14 teeth total.

What a joy it is to be a Mom to a wonderful boy. We are seeing new things everyday from him. It's really incredible.


Kathy Dutt said...

Landon, You are so handsome! I hope your teeth come thru soon and you can take a rest from all this teething stuff. Tell you parents hi for me. I love you! Miss Kathy

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so awesome! He is so grown up. Hopefully soon he will be done teething for awhile. You guys won't know what to do! I cant wait to see you guys soon..I need some Bock family time!
Love ya'll,

Anonymous said...

Greetings Landon! You just need to attend more Cardinal games! So glad you know who the good guys are. Hope your teeth come thru easier than the others. Love you Lots,
Ms Kay in KC