Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter with a Bang

As I read all of my friends blogs about how fun and eventful their Easter was and how cute all of their kids outfits were, I was laying in bed out of it. All I remember is telling Nate where Landon's adorable Easter outfit was and to make sure he wore it. Mono has taken over my body. I am feeling so much better. My energy level is not there yet, but is getting there slowly. I finally feel like eating and crave protein. I made Nate take me to the Outback Steakhouse for lunch today. I was craving the Outback special. I highly recommend that steak. I only ate half of it but it was so worth it! For me not to feel like eating....something is seriously wrong. I told Nate and my Mom that I was finally back down to my pre-pregnancy weight now. I tried on a couple pairs of pants that were still a little snug and now they fit! Perfect timing as we are heading to the beach in a week! Landon will be with Grandma and Papa for a week and am sure will have a ball!

Landon is 14 months old today. He is doing so many things like standing, saying "more" in sign language, giving high five's, crying hard when Daddy leaves for work, and figuring out how to do everything including climbing the stairs! He has 12 teeth now and continues to chew on everything. Here are a few pics over the past month. I need to get better about snapping pictures.

Landon in his Easter outfit

Stephanie, Landon, and Audrey

Papa, Landon, and Grandma

He is so talented!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kari - I am so glad you are feeling better, being sick is the pits! I had forgotten how creative Nate is at writting, he is a natural storyteller. Have a wonderful time in Florida, Jim and I are jealous, break a headboard or two for us! ha ha
Nancy & Jim

Anonymous said...

Landon looked adorable in his Easter outfit. He is definitely a "man child"! I am glad you are feeling better. Love you guys

Anonymous said...

Landon you are such a little man. We love seeing you grow up! I am so excited that your mommy is feeling better.


Busy Mommy said...

Did you realize that your profile says you are 251? HA! How was your break??!! Email me!

Anonymous said...

Landon will you tell your mommy that I really want to see some pictures of you! I miss you!

traciandira said...

I just ran across your blog while looking for a new template at SplatDesigns. It's so fun to run across other "Landons." And yours is just adorable! Ours is 15 months.