Monday, May 07, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Nate and I at dinner in Destin, Florida

Well, I think my title says it all. I guess life happens and you don't get to update as much as you would like. Life has been real interesting since the last time I have posted. We have been to Destin, Florida for an incredible conference and back to Kansas City for a funeral. Please pray for the Myers family. Steve Myers died on Saturday, April 28th. Steve was 49 years old and was just short of 50 in about a month. Steve was driving home from work and had a massive heart attack and died. Steve was one of Nate's student workers as well as his sweet wife Kaydra. Steve was a very patient, loving, kind man. Their daughter Jenna and son Sean were in our student ministry in Kansas City. A memory I have of Steve is when he would be standing outside of the student area waiting so patiently for Kaydra to quit talking to everyone. Kaydra loves to talk and was always so sweet to the girls, but always the last to leave. Ha! I always loved talking to him because even though he was so quiet, everything that came out of his mouth was so wise. The funeral was an incredible time. I will never forget the bulletin. It stated, "In Celebration and Thanksgiving of Steve Myers." WOW!

Our time in Destin, Florida was incredible! Landon did wonderful with his Grandma and Papa! In fact, he did better for them than he does when he is home with us! Ha! It was great to get away for the week, but we sure missed our little toddler! Their is nothing like getting those great big hugs and very slobbery kisses from our little man.

We are finally back in our own home enjoying the very warm weather. Landon is developing more and more everyday. Everyday is a new, fun adventure in the life of a toddler. Today was so fun. We got up and went to get our oil changed which took forever, and then to the grocery store. Landon did so good that I rewarded him with chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a! What a big boy. He ate those up so fast! I couldn't believe I was ordering a kids meal off the menu. It was at that moment I had to call my Mom and tell her that my little baby was growing up! OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't believe I have a 14 month old!! For all those thinking of leaving a comment about when the next one is coming....don't even ask. It's going to be a while! Ha!

Audra, me, and Tina

Amanda, Crystal, J.Jaye, and Paula

The beautiful ocean at Destin, Florida


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I want to go to the beach so bad. I can't believe how long your hair is! It's beautiful. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time. However, I am ready to see some recent pics of Landon. I miss him ( and you guys too)!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenny! I've been waiting forever for new pictures! I mean, I know I just saw you guys last week, but I love getting on and seeing you guys! By the way, thanks for letting us have little bro and big sis time last week; it was greatly needed :) I love you!!