Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daddy and Landon!

Two men...together...struggling to survive. This is a story about Landon and his Daddy when they were"mommyless!" Picture it, Landon and his Daddy sitting on the couch watching Star Trek Voyager. Their clothes covered in slobber and crumbs from Landon's lunch. Their shirts had crept upward trying to escape the building pressure that was eminating from the belly button region. Skin and hair peek through to see the room around them.

To the right, a large glass of sweet tea sits on the end table with beeds of condensation running down the side, without a coster in sight. There is a large pile of laundry in the corner that is only getting bigger. Across the floor lay several empty sippy cups mixed in with toys that have been left out. Empty pizza boxes and leftover chineese takeout clutter the coffee table. The room smells of old burp rags and dirty diapers.
Where is Mommy? How could she let this happen? Aren't her "mommy-sences" tingling!
Mommy is sick! I (Nate) took Mommy (Kari) to the doctor on Saturday afternoon only to find out that she has STREP & MONO! I (Nate) don't have mono or strep, so my response was "Who have you been kissing? Cause it ain't been me!" Immediately after saying that, I quickly abondoned that line of joking. I've come to realize that a sick Mommy doesn't find me very funny.

With Mommy out of commission Daddy and Landon have had to fend for themselves! So, Landon went to church with Daddy on Easter. Landon was quite the cutie!
Landon was truly in the Easter spirit that day. So much so, that just after this picture was taken he tried laying his own Easter Egg, only it came out all clumpy and smooshy. There was even some corn kernels and pineapple wedges in there! What an Egg! So, Daddy had to clean up Landon's little humpty dumpty!
Landon and his Daddy have had so much fun together while Mommy's been sick. In fact, Landon is so over Mommy that if Daddy is holding him and Mommy tries to hold him, Landon pushes Mommy away and smiles at his Daddy! That's my boy!

Here is Landon with his new Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars! He is enjoying them in his own way!

"Pray for my Mommy! Daddy is fun, but he can't compete with Mommy! She is my #1 lady!"


Anonymous said...

Your daddy is quite the storyteller. I can't imagine what mommy would have done if she saw the big mess that daddy left! I enjoyed the "egg" you left me on Saturday night:)


Anonymous said...

haha I laughed so hard when I read that. At first I thought it was Kari writing it, and then as I read on I thought, this has Nate written ALL over it! Sure enough, Nate you were writing it! :) I hope Kari starts feeling better! I love you guys.


Busy Mommy said...

I am so sorry that Kari is feeling bad! I am also sure that she is sorry daddy hijacked your blog! Nate, I was laughing so hard reading creative and funny. Kari, I hope you feel better soon! REST. Call me if you need me! I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I got your site address again from Stephanie :). I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well Kari :(. You better get better for your FL. We won't be there till Thursday PM. Are you leaving then?
My maid of honor is having a suprise 30th Bday and I need a gift idea? What do you want on your 30th?
Landon is getting so big and Nate needs to write :) He can make extra money for your new wardrobe :)
I miss you like crazy... work is not fun because I don't have a "best friend" at work anymore :(
I'll be praying for you.

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