Sunday, March 11, 2007


We have been enjoying this awesome spring like weather. We went to the park yesterday as a family and had a ball! Landon laughed and kicked his feet in the stroller the whole time. It was like he had never been outside before or something. It was so cute!

As spring approaches, I am way too excited about getting out with our little guy. It will be so much fun to go on walks, play outside, swing, etc. He even has his own table and bench to play on outside! He got that for his birthday.

Our new neighbors have a pool and when we moved in, they welcomed us and reminded us that we could use their swimming pool anytime we wanted too. WOW! I can't wait for that! I already got Landon a cute pair of swimming trunks. I think I beat Grandma on this one!

The picture above is from this past week. Landon got a really high temperature and wasn't feeling well. We thought he had a virus, but now we think it was just from teething. He was not himself for about 24 hours. He wouldn't even eat his grilled cheese Mom made him.


kristin dutt said...

NOT THE GRILLED CHEESE! SHOCKER! you guys. landon--i'm glad you're feeling better! just a couple more weeks...

~aunt kristin

Anonymous said...

Landon I think I need to come visit you and we can go to the park and play! I'm glad your feeling better! I love you