Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Adventures

I think the toddler days are approaching. Landon is everywhere, into everything, and has something to say about all of it. Mr. Personality himself that is. I was doing my hair today with the famous "chi" and I almost dropped the thing on Landon's head as he is pulling the cord and trying to chew on it. Can we say we are still teething? Goodness, I thought teething had breaks. It seems that he hasn't really had a break from it yet. His first molars are slowly pushing through. I really think they are the size of a nickel! It's unbelievable how swollen his bottom gums are from them.

I went to Cami's house today so we could go and see their house they are building. It was absolutely gorgeous! It made me want to build a house again. I think I got the itch, but then I quit scratching because I remembered that I am stay-at-home Mom. I don't know if working one day a week qualifies for anything.

Then, off to T.J. Maxx for some baskets. I never knew how many toys a little boy could have. At least I am organized now and it looks good. :-)

After a busy and fun day, I made an awesome dinner I must say! It was grilled chicken with lime butter. It's out of the Southern Living easy weeknights cookbook. I highly recommend that to everyone. It's worth the money.

Trevor and Landon


Noah Michal said...

ohh! Yummy! Can I come to your house for supper, Landon? Your aunt Eliza can't wait to see you! Yes, staying at home is the best thing ever!

Love you Kari and Landon!
Aunt Eliza

Jenny Cowart said...

Landon you have such a good mommy! I am so glad you have Trevor to play with! Love you

Anonymous said...


It looks like you have so much fun with Trevor. It sounds like you had a great supper too:) Do you think you could have your mommy email me the receipe for her crockpot chicken?

love you,

kristin dutt said...

lime chicken, kari?? look at you, being domestic. i'm so proud!

i miss you guys!!!!!!!!! cant wait for the end of march!


Jenny said...

Landon, you need to tell your mommy that I want to see some new pictures of you! Love you