Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hiking with Nature

Have you ever heard of the Nature Center in Springfield, MO? Well, I hadn't until I moved here. It's a very pretty place with all kinds of nature trails and an indoor nature showroom. When Landon gets older, it will be such a great place to take him.

Landon and I experienced the nature center in a way we hadn't anticipated. My friend Cami and I went there on Monday and decided to bring our lunches and sit outside. We let the boys babble in their strollers and eat away at grilled cheese sandwiches, cheerios, and puffs. As soon as they were through, we decided to begin our walk, or should I say "hike?" As we walked down the trail, we were pushing our strollers over a little bit of mulch and then would hit some pavement. No big deal, right? Well, as we proceeded on our way, we came to some "bumps" on the trail. Big, huge, rocks! Cami has a jogging stoller and I just have your basic Graco stroller. We were determined to get through this and to get back on the paved part of the trail. After going about a half of a mile on the "bumpy" trail, we couldn't go any further. Keep in mind all of these people passing by us and probably thinking to themselves..."are they for real???" As I got Trevor out of his stroller, I held him while Cami "pushed" her stroller to the bridge. Landon was just chilling in his stroller. As Cami arrived back to us, she got Landon out of his stroller and I walked with both boys on each hip to the bridge. Keep in mind, Cami is back there "pushing" my stroller. I think she will keep her jogging stroller and never use anything but that stroller. :-) Am I right Cami? After walking around three miles, we were both so tired and hot! I think we both got our workout for the day. I think we both slept well last night.

Landon and Trevor

Let's go!

Are you sure you want to go Landon?


Noah Michal said...

wow, Kari, what a walk! And pushing the stroller, too! I think that wears me out even more! How fun! Noah is looking forward to his Aunt and Uncle and Landon coming and spending the night, too! Whoo hoo what fun!

Kathy Dutt said...

Landon, looks like you had lots of fun, not sure your mom did!!!!! I had something sent to you, you will be getting a surprise soon...
Love you buddy, Miss Kathy

The Tripps said...

Landon, this is Alex, i cant wait to come over and play. You look like you know how to have a good time. My mommy and daddy will have to bring me to springfield, all I have to do is ask though, i have them wrapped around my finger. (He is to cute you guys, cant wait to see ya in a few weeks.)