Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Recent Events

After church on Sunday

Mommy and Landon after church

My first time with gel in my hair

Family Pictures

I love my Mom


Kathy Dutt said...

Landon, you are so handsome! I miss you! Love, Miss Kathy

Anonymous said...

Landon, you are look so grown up! I miss you! Give your mom and dad hugs for me...
Love you, Jenny

Julie said...

Hey, Landon!

You're so cute. By the look on your face, I can tell you're a little unsure about the gel idea. Give it time. Personally, I think you can pull off most any look. Really, you're that cute. It's that big smile and laugh you have! I hope you have a great weekend. And I look forward to talking with you and your mommy Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Landon - I love the hair gel picture. I think your hair is longer than your daddy's ever was. hehe. Hugs & Kisses to all of you.
Love, Miss Nancy

Kathy Dutt said...

Landon, please tell your mom and dad that it is time for new pics!!! Love, Miss Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hey Kari, Nate and Landon,
We found you on the HLG guestbook and were so glad to catch up a little and "meet" Landon!
We've lived in several places since HLG but are now in the Dallas area. Drop us a line sometime and we'll fill you in. Our son, Ethan, started Kindergarten this year!
Tim, Angela and Ethan Mooney