Monday, February 05, 2007

Time for a haircut

Well, I think the time has arrived. I have waited long enough. Landon is going to get his first haircut. As you can see by the picture in his bed at Grandma and Papa's house, his hair is not even. I try to wet it down, but nothing works anymore. We will keep you posted.


Jenny Cowart said...

Ok, so Landon getting his first haircut means he is really growing up! He's going to look so grown up at the party! I can't wait to see all you guys! Love you

kristin dutt said...


i like your hair long. maybe your crazy parents should let you keep it long. fight it for all its worth.

i'm actually kidding. it does look like its time. i'm sure you'll still look precious either way.

and..KEEP YOUR PANTS UP, LITTLE BOY! there should be no more mooning! =)

i miss you guys. Kari--i got your text. i was in a meeting. i'll text you back tomorrow!

love you! cant wait to see you at the end of march!


Noah Michal said...

Oh boy! My daddy is trying to convince my mommy that I need one too! Mommy's not buying it quite yet, though! hehe

Julie said...

Hey, Landon:

In case it makes you feel better about having wild and unruly hair, mine isn't even either. And I just got it cut. It doesn't really part correctly either. Oh, and we can't forget how on some days one side sticks up and the other curls under. I hear the mullet might be coming back. You should discuss it with your folks.

Tell your mommy your cake is going to be SO cute. Just like you. You know I'm right. :>)