Monday, January 29, 2007

I have no butt

This story is one of those stories that will be with Landon for the rest of his life. On Saturday night, Brian, Erika, Nate, Landon, and I decided to grab a bite to eat at Pasta Express. Landon was not sitting in his high chair yet because he was playing in the booth with Nate's hair and glasses. He loves to attack both of these things. Nate calls them kisses, but really he is just wanting something to chew on. :-) As the waitress delivers our drinks, Nate decides that it is time to put him in the high chair. As he rushes to pick him up, Landon's pants came sliding down (see picture below). The boy did not get his mother's figure, that's for sure. We have a hard time finding pants to stay on our little son's butt. While everyone laughed at the table, so did Landon! It was a priceless moment for our son. :-)


Jenny said...

That is hilarious! He is just so stinking cute!! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks. Tell Landon I want as many kisses as he can give me! :)


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Love that smile! Can't wait to see and love on you (while still little)! God is awesome!
kay in kc

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say the same thing, that I have no butt!!!!haha. What a fun story to put in his baby book. Tell Landon that Kay and Nancy are coming to visit him, so he is ready to give us lots of kisses and hugs. We will have plenty to pour on him. Love you, Nancy

Kathy Dutt said...

Oh, Landon, what are we gonna do about the jeans falling off. I seem to remember another night when we were out to eat that your jeans fell off. I miss you, buddy. Love, Miss Kathy

Anonymous said...

Daddy said...

That's my boy! I just hope that this is not starting a trend for the rest of your life (standing on tables and dropping you pants in front of everyone!).

I love you!

Amanda and Jackson said...

That is the funniest thing I've heard all day!

Anonymous said...

Landon I cant believe your mom and dad are teaching you to moon people already. PaPa

Anonymous said...

Landon that was the funniest thing we've seen in a long time! We had so much fun with you at Pasta Express (your parents are pretty fun too). We love you so much.

brian & erika

Anonymous said...

How funny! YOu are already a character.
Tell mommy I found a great celebrity website

and Central won RB Hall.
Have a great weekend!
2 weeks till your bday!!
Miss you guys!, Jaymie