Friday, January 12, 2007

My Kansas City Friends

Hi everyone. This is me with Mr. Rod and Mrs. Kathy! I got to see them over the holidays. They brought me some really neat presents. It was so fun to see them. We went out to eat at Trolley's with them in Springfield and then they came back to our house again! I wore my "ski ya later" shirt that Grandma got me just for Mr. Rod because he loves to ski. Maybe we can be "ski buddies" sometime. I don't think my Mom will let me though for a long, long time! If you read this Mr. Rod and Mrs. Kathy, know that I am missing you. Come see us again soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh Landon, the picture makes me miss you even more. Have fun in St. Louis while daddy is skiing. We have to get together soon. Love, Kathy

kristin dutt said...


do you not miss me?? somehow i think your mother is filtering your emotions..and she only lets you miss people who bring presents! HA!
just kidding. I miss you, Landon! maybe i'll get to see you before i go back to school!

love you guys..