Monday, January 15, 2007

Balls, Balls, Balls

I just wanted to show you how I can put the balls in the ball popper myself. I like to go crawl to them and pick them up and put them back in all by myself. I also press the red lever down to make the balls pop up. It's so cool!

Why are you taking another picture of me Mom? My hair is all messed up. I still have bed head!


Noah Michal said...

Wow Landon! I am so glad you like your ball popper! I am going to have to visit soon so I can play with you! I am so glad you have electricity, too! Mommy and Daddy were thinking about you! I love you!

kristin dutt said...

this is my favorite toy. my absolute favorite.

love you, landon! i'm sorry you dont have electricity!


Anonymous said...

I think your ball popper is the coolest! You are getting cuter by the day too. I hope you all are doing well? I was wondering if your electricity was out. It's fine here, but we did think our pipes were frozen yesterday morning.

Tell your mommy hi for me :)

Jenny Cowart said...

Landon you are just getting way to grown up! I love your toy. It looks like so much fun. I hope you and mommy are staying warm!
Love you,

Noah Michal said...

Wow...are you still in St. Louis? I am so sorry you have no electricty! I bet you miss your daddy a bunch!

Noah Michal said...

oh Landon! I am so sorry...mommy says that you have an ear infection! Those aren't fun, I can tell you that for a fact! Are you feeling better? It is a bummer to be sick and not at your home! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Landon, I loved playing with you last night! I hope you had as much as I did. Thanks for letting me play with you fun toys! Love your sissy