Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend with Mommy and Daddy!

What a fun weekend I had with Mommy and Daddy! It was the first full weekend to be in my new house. We had a ball! I got to see the Cowart family. They stayed the night with us on the way to KC. It was so fun to see them! Mommy forgot to get the camera out though so I can't show you a picture of us together. Then, I got to eat lunch with Kay and Debbie from Kansas City! Kay was Daddy's secretary at my old church. She loves me and I love her a lot! Then, they came over to see my room! It was a blast!

Mommy and I went to the mall together today. We got some more Christmas shopping done. We still don't know what to get Papa for Christmas. Maybe he will call us and tell us sometime soon. Mommy put some things on hold at the Baby Gap for me. Tomorrow is 10% Tuesday. I told Mommy that I didn't need anything else, but Mommy seems to think I do. I mean, how many outfits can I wear each day?


Noah Michal said...

I think our mommy's like to shop because our clothes are cheaper than their clothes!
I can't wait until I see you this weekend Landon! We will have so much fun together in your cool room! What a fun Christmastime we will have with Grandma and Grandpa! Maybe we can get the the Christmas tree before our mommy's and daddy's can catch us. I love to see them run after me! I can't wait to see your daddy's new church and the youth there, too! I bet your dad is the best youth minister ever! Love you! See you SOON!!!

Anonymous said...

Landon you are growing up WAY too fast! You need to stop growing till I can see you! OK? Just two more weeks! :) Love, Jenny

Noah Michal said...

ha! Landon! I think our mommies are on at the same time!

Anonymous said...

You are a little pumpkin! I hope to get to meet you one day. : ) I sure miss your mommy and daddy!

kristin dutt said...


sorry its been a while since i've written to you! i've been so busy at school. finals are this week!
you're right.. you dont need anymore clothes.. but your mommy does love to spoil you!

i'll be seeing you soon.. after i get home from school i'm coming to see you!

love you guys.
~aunt kristin