Monday, November 27, 2006

Fun times with Grandma and Papa!

Hello there! I had such a good Thanksgiving. It was so good to see my family! This post goes out to Grandma and Papa. Thank you for letting me spend the week at your house before Thanksgiving. It was so much fun! My Mommy is looking for a crib toy like you guys have but she can't find one. I wish I had one here at home. :-) I miss running away from you Grandma when you start to change my diaper. I tried doing that to Mommy on my diaper changing table but I didn't get very far. My 8th tooth is about to push through this week so next time you see me, I will have a mouthful of teeth to show you. I can give you even harder kisses with that 8th tooth! Hee, hee. :-) Mommy says Christmas is going to be fun! Looking forward to seeing you then. Love you bunches and bunches.


Anonymous said...

Daddy says...
Landon your slobber kisses are the sweetest kisses a daddy could ever get! I'll take a really big one when I get home from work! I love you!

Jackson said...

Oh my goodness! 8 teeth?!?! Landon's been busy! Jackson is driving me nuts with the crawling during diaper changes thing. He's so proud of himself for doing it though. I'm so glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...


We miss you, but will see you soon.

Hugs and big kisses,
G'Ma and Papa

Anonymous said...

Landon! I get to come see you in two weeks!!! Yeah I can't wait, you and I are going to have so much fun. I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Landon, I can't believe you keep getting cuter and cuter. Kaitlin has 8 teeth too. I'll let her know that you are catching up to her. She had a fun time during her 1st birthday, but she wished you could be there too.
Tell mommy we will be in Branson the week before Christmas. Are you all going to be home?