Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Missing Kansas City.....

Landon sure misses a lot of things about Kansas City. He misses his awesome house with his cool room! This is him in his room before we moved. He was glad that Mommy and Daddy could have such a beautiful home built just for them. The house sold to a young couple with no children yet. He hopes they will have a little boy some day so that the little boy can have his "cool" room.

He also misses going to Super Target and eating at Chipotle. Chipotle was his favorite place to sleep while Mommy and Daddy ate.
Landon says, "I would like to get a shout out from all of my Kansas City buddies!"


Paula said...

Hey Landon!
Has your mom learned how to make sweet tea for you yet?
Miss Paula

Kathy Dutt said...

Who misses KC more, Landon or MOM???

Anonymous said...

Hey, buddy, you will make new friends and have a cool room in Springfield too. Jesus led you there and he will take care of all those things.

Love you-
Ga'Ma and Papa

Anonymous said...

Kansas City misses you too Landon.
I'm sure your parents will find you a super target and chipotle real soon.
Kaitlin and Brendan send their love.

:), Jaymie

Noah Michal said...

you're right, chipotle is good! I love your sight, Landon! I am so glad that mommy gets to stay home with you and spend time with you! Maybe your mommy and my mommy could meet in the middle someday and we can play!

love you! Noah

Anonymous said...

Hi Landon!
I miss you playing with me and all the toys I have in my daddy's theater room! Hopefully sometime soon my daddy will get his big TV he's wishin for so it can be a "real" theater room! We can watch Baby Einstein!