Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eight Months

We can't believe Landon is already eight months old! How time flies!

Landon and I are traveling today to St. Charles to visit Grandma and Papa. We are so excited. Nate can't come this time because of his new job. We will miss him. Then, we are heading to Kansas City to throw my cousin her baby shower and attend my other cousin's wedding reception. What fun! If you didn't get to see the pumpkin patch post, scroll down to see pictures.
Bye for now!


grandma debi said...

the picture of you in the white shirt Landon, makes you look like a great preacher. Just like grandpa & daddy. You are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

We will miss seeing you and Mommy at church on Sunday. We will see you next week:)

Brian and Erika

Anonymous said...

You are getting so big!!!
It looks like you had lots of fun at the pumpkin patch. I'm sure you had fun at the shower and wedding reception too!!
Next time you all come down to KC tell Mommy to call me so you and your girlfriend Kaitlin can play.
Miss you all!!!


kristin dutt said...

i miss you guys! it was good to see nate this week! school is crazy. i have 30 million things going on this week...SGA is pulling me in a million different directions!

love you guys. i'm hopeful that i'll get to see all 3 of you over TURKEY DAY!

~aunt kristin.

Anonymous said...

Landon you are just getting SO big. I hope you had fun this weekend in St. Louis. I miss you and your mommy and daddy!
Love you, Jenny