Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friends from Kansas City!

I got to see some old friends from Kansas City yesterday! Justin and Natalie. Natalie goes to MSU here in Springfield and Justin came to visit us in Springfield. It was so fun to see them!

I have been having hard days with my teeth. Napping is cut short a lot of times because of it. I am about to get my fourth tooth in. It's a big one! :-)

I am excited about my new house. We move in next week! My room is going to be really neat just like my old room. I will post pictures soon of my new house. I really don't mind living in this townhouse, but I am ready to have some room to get on the floor and MOVE!! Yippee!



Anonymous said...

A house!! How exciting. I want the details.
Love ya,

Noah Michal said...

yeah a house!

love you! Noah