Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Ready to Camp

Recently, I (Nate) discovered a new place that I must go...Palo Duro Canyon. I was flying to Amarillo, Texas for a speaking engagement when I looked out the window of the airplane and to my surprise there it was! The second largest canyon in the United States (to all of you Texans out there, I guess you can't always have the biggest of everything)! I could hardly believe my eyes, there among all of the flat land was a big ditch!

After landing in Amarillo, I did my best to try to convince my friend Bradley to take me to the canyon but to no avail. So, I must go back!

For those of you who don't know this, I recently realized that I've not had any goals in my life for the past two years. So, I made up a few. Nothing to spiritual or anything. Just a few things I must do before I turn the big "4...0"! One of these goals is that I will hike the Grand Canyon from rim to river to rim (a total change in altitude of 10,000 feet with a bone jaring decent and an almost impossible climb back up!). I know is sounds awesome, right?

Since I'm not crazy, I realize that I might need to start a little smaller and work my way up to the Grand Canyon. This is where Palo Duro comes in. I can do the same hike in Palo Duro and only have a total altitude change of 6,000 feet. A good place to start.

So, Landon and I decided that we needed to spend sometime at Bass Pro Shop doing some research to see what we will need for such an endeavor. What you are about to see are the items that Landon picked out for himself to help Daddy on his "must do" hike.

Ok, so behind Landon is a big aquarium with some really big fish! Landon was fascinated by the giant "Catfish" that was swimming by just before the picture was taken. Nothing to buy here!

Next, we had to stop and pet the wildlife. This little white tail deer was very sweet. It's a shame that someday Landon will probably shoot it's mother (relax, the deer is already dead and it's mother is probably dead too)!

Ok, on to the shopping. Landon found the tent that he thought would be perfect! Mommy, Daddy and Landon could fit in here (except Mommy will never see a night in a tent)!

Next, Landon did a very thorough search of the sleeping bags. It gets cold in the canyon at night, so Daddy and I need warm sleeping bags!

Now, Landon's favorite part, the food! If I remember correctly I think he picked out "Fiesta Beans and Spanish Rice". I'm not sure that you would really want to eat that and then hike a canyon, but hey give the kid some credit for not picking the "Dried Beats".

Every good camper needs a place to sit. So, Landon picked out a seat that no one could ever swipe. It's camouflaged! As long as Landon knows where he put it, that is all that matters!

Last, Landon picked out his backpack to put all of this stuff in! He's got good taste in packs, unfortunately they don't make hiking packs in toddler sizes.

Landon and I had fun at Bass Pro Shop and we plan to go back soon! So stay tuned for more stories about us getting ready to go camping! Oh, send money too! We've got to pay for all this gear Landon is picking out!


Vaughn and Kay Bradley said...

Looks like you two had a fun time at the Pro Bass Shop! Landon is quite the shopper! Love you guys, msK

Anonymous said...

Landon, don't act like your dad!!!! I love you buddy! Ms. Kathy

fragilemom said...

Great entry, great pics!

Anonymous said...


Don't you think camping would be more fun in GG and Papa's motorhome?!

Anonymous said...

Landon you are so stinking cute.
I love your wide mouth smile.
I think you can get mommy to camp if you have your grandma's and grandpa's motorhome. :)
Your mommy told me about it.

:), Jaymie

Anonymous said...

i will continue to comment when you update again....