Monday, September 10, 2007

Landon's Big Boy Room

It's hard to see in these pictures, but I had the curtain made to fit his baseball themed room! It's navy blue with red and white stripes. Above Landon's crib is the baseball peg rack we got at Pottery Barn Kids.

The baskets have the space to write what they are for.

We found this awesome print of Joe DiMaggio sliding into third. It's hard to see with the glare on it. We got it framed at Hobby Lobby. The baseball lamp came from Pottery Barn Kids as well.

This is a baseball peg board that also came from Pottery Barn Kids.

I am still on the look for some cute baseball bedding for Landon's big boy bed. It's so fun!


Busy Mommy said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! Great job Kari, I love it! Have fun in your new room Landon!

Love, Aunt Eliza

Vaughn and Kay Bradley said...

Cute room Kari! Know Landon will have a lot of fun there. Where are the Cardinal's!!! love & hugs!

Jenny said...

Cute room! I guess we will just have to do some shopping and try and find Landon some bedding when you come see us!

Anonymous said...

Kari you did such an awesome job! I hope you have fun in your new room Landon!


Trevor said...

love it, kari! and love the baseball rug! cami & trevor

Nancy & Jim said...

I love Landon's big boy room. Even though he is a big cardinal fan, he was born in KC; so I think he should have something on his wall from the KC Royals. Love you guys, Nancy

Andrew said...

Absolutely adorable. Nate I'm glad you're enjoying the post but you probably won't get to see me eat bugs or get punched in the... ya know. I love you guys. Give Landon Andrew a kiss for me.