Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wedding Bliss

Weddings are such a beautiful thing! We got to spend this past Saturday with our WHOLE family enjoying my cousins wedding. It was such a beautiful day! Landon did great during the wedding...he slept on Daddy's shoulder. Below are a couple of pictures from the beautiful day.

This week is an interesting week. I thought I would never see the day when I turned the BIG 30! They always say you don't feel as old as you are, and that is how I feel. Now, things have "shifted" but I hear that is normal. As Nate and I enter into our thirties, I sit back and think about what we thought when we were in our early twenties thinking of those people that were in their "thirties" and had kids. I remember thinking, wow, that is such a long way for us! Ha! Boy, I was wrong.

Our family

Alicia (cousin), Charissa (bride), Jon (groom), and Matt (cousin)

Grandma, Landon, and Papa

The Whole Family


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Love you, Jenny

Anonymous said...


You looked like such a big boy at the wedding!

Becky said...

Hey Kari- my mom told me about your blog-your son is beautiful! I will check in from time to time-it's great to keep up this way isn't it? I also have a blog for our family -
Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Landon, tell your mommy she needs to update soon!