Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doesn't he look like such a little man? Grandma knows where to get the cutest baby clothes! Landon loves to take baths! He has discovered a lot of his bath toys. We just got done taking a bath right now and we are all clean from our sweet potatoes with corn! Today was a good day. Not much to report here in the life of Springfield but it was an okay day. I love how everything is so close together here in Springfield. They actually have good eating places as well! That is very important for this household. Tonight we are going to dinner at the Bennett's house. They have two daughters in the student ministry. Hopefully Landon will be on his best behavior! He has discovered his high pitched voice these days! It's very cute but not in restaurants. :-)
He wants to share a message with all of you... ;;iin ;. jhnjb v nb g hy


Jenny C. said...

Aw, Landon. I am so glad that you enjoy taking a bath. I think you should splash water all over daddy and get him wet! :) I am excited about seeing you on Monday.
Love you,

Kyle said...

What a cutie!